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River Tales Book Reviews by Erica Bate

Leaf Litter by Rachel Tonkin

This is a fascinating introduction for young children into the delights and mysteries of the natural world.  Leaves, twigs, branches and bark collect on the ground in forests all over the world. We call it leaf litter, but it isn’t really rubbish at all. If you look closely you will discover a world of animals and plants living side by side, a busy secret world we hardly ever see. Follow the growth of seeds into plants, the life cycles of different insects and the migration patterns of birds. Not to mention the gum tree itself, the centrepiece for this amazing book, constantly changing, growing lichen and shedding bark and leaves and providing habitat for a myriad of creatures large and small.

In this exquisitely illustrated book, award-winning author/illustrator Rachel Tonkin explores a small patch of leaf litter beneath one tree.

Ages  4+

Harper Collins  $17.99

Wholefood for Children by Jude Blereau

Wholefood chef, food coach, real food activist and author are some of the hats worn by Jude Blereau.  This, her third book, is written from under her most important hat– that of a mother.  Whole food is the kind of food that has the ability heal, nourish and delight, and this philosophy is the heart and soul the book.  It includes careful explanations of the nutritional and emotional needs of children, a practical grounding in wholefood preparation and loads of yummy recipes.  Devised for children from 6 months to 7 years, recipes cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, and include allergy free, dairy free and sugar free .  It is a book written from her vast experience of life and of food.  It is a book written from the heart.

Murdoch Books   $45.00

The above reviews are kindly provided by Erica Bate from River Tales Bookshop, 7/131 Bussell Highway Margaret River, WA. If you would like to contact Erica or purchase a copy of Leaf Litter, Wholefood for Children or other great titles please call into the bookshop where you will most often find her…phone 08 9757 2746 or email