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Lopees Environmentally Reusable Envelopes

Lopees are a family run company with a passion for green ideas, sustainable business and environmental practices. Winners of the “Australian Business Awards 2009 “Best Eco – Friendly Product”, “Australian Business Awards 2010 “Best Environmental Sustainability” and finalists in the Keep Australia Beautiful Awards, Lopees are demonstrating that a simple idea really can help change the world.

Nicole Golland was like most mums with children starting school; excited, keen to be involved and slightly overwhelmed at the volume of paper notes and envelopes that travelled between home and school each week. “I thought there must be some re-usable cloth envelopes we could purchase to keep better track of the notes and for a more environmentally sustainable approach. When I found it impossible to find anything like I wanted online, I decided that I’d get some made for myself.”

And so the Lopees business idea was born. Nicole ordered 1,000 cloth envelopes from a Fair Trade organic cotton manufacturer in India who made the new product to her specification. As soon as she started sending her children to school with them, the requests flooded in. “My son’s school placed an order almost immediately and the principal then emailed her network of other school principals, letting them know about the availability of Lopees. The business really grew from there.”

Since then, Nicole has developed a Lopees website, entered some environmental awards and slowly but steadily, the business began to grow organically and continues to…in all senses of the word!

Nicole has always had a passion for the environment and since having her three children she has become even more inspired to do more to help save our beautiful planet. Nicole is the sales person for the company and aims to introduce Lopees to each and every organisation that could benefit from the product.

“The Lopees dream is to see more products being made from sustainable fibres such as organic cotton, which breaks down in landfill when no longer needed. It gives us pride and joy to know that what we sell saves the world from being choked. If everyone used Lopees imagine how many trees worldwide would be saved!” Her interest also lies in teaching the next generation how to respect, nurture and love our environment.

No doubt some of this great desire to look after the environment comes from Nicole’s mother, Margaret Golland; who with over 30 years of experience in office administration in private enterprise and all levels of government organisation has seen first hand how much paper is used and then disposed of in landfill. Margaret felt there was a way they could come up with a solution to eliminate the use for paper envelopes in organisations for internal and external mail. Being a mother and grandmother she saw and understood the need to set an example and to educate ourselves and future generations; which is exactly what this inspiring family are doing on a daily basis.

Lopees reusable envelopes can be used for payments and correspondence in schools, sporting clubs, childcare centres, pre-schools and businesses. With a small change in habit we can all help make a difference, set a positive example for our children, save money and help the environment… all with the assistance of an extremely functional and versatile eco-friendly envelope!

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