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Vintage & Collectibles

featuring Amanda Evans from The Flying Wardrobe

Scouring vintage and collectible shops is my favourite form of recycling and I must admit I ‘m addicted to one shop in particular in the area where I live… so I’m going to do some brazen promoting and say if you live in the Margaret River vicinity please take the time to visit The Flying Wardrobe in Witchcliffe, 5 minutes south of Margaret River - it really is a treasure trove you’ll be happy to be lost in for a while!

I have really cut back on any sort of retail shopping of late with the exception of food shopping, but my daughter and I still find ourselves drawn to The Flying Wardrobe most weeks; as much for the friendly smiles and service provided by the three lovely sisters who run the shop as the continually changing vintage/collectible delights that greet us each visit!

Over the years we have found some much enjoyed items for our home and much of Tienne’s playroom has slowly evolved as a result of our finds; some which you can read about and see in another article about creating Home Corners for children. I love the fact that in most cases our finds are well made, pre loved and unique, not to mention affordable. They add a warm and natural dimension to our home that I find newly made items rarely provide.

Amanda Evan’s from the Flying Wardrobe gives us some insight into how she and her sister’s caught the vintage/collectible bug and kindly provides ideas for hunting down great vintage and collectible items… although if  you’d like to take some of the hard work out of it I encourage you to visit their shop! It’s easy being green when it’s this much fun!

Amanda says…

“You could say collecting is in our genes. Our dear Mum is an avid collector whose favourite retail haunts have been op shops for many years (long before vintage became fashionable!) She was recycling before it was even given a name and frequently regaled us with tales of the many bargains she had uncovered as well as the importance of reusing things and not being wasteful.

It certainly rubbed off and from an early age Les, Lin and myself have all had a penchant for thrifting -sometimes through financial necessity but mostly because we just love things with a bit of history!

Les and Lin decided to spread the joy about seven years ago when they started a market stall offering all sorts of second-hand items to the discerning thrifter.

They soon realised a trestle table wasn’t quite large enough to accommodate the myriad of treasures they were discovering. Something a bit bigger was required and Les had found just the spot in the little hamlet of Witchcliffe!

The Flying Wardrobe began its life about four and a half years ago as a two-room shop but has since continued to expand and now comprises four rooms bursting at the seams with an array of weird, wonderful and often practical items!

It’s really a labour of love for Les and Lin and I think that shines through in the warm atmosphere of the place and the many gorgeous loyal customers (especially Rae and Tienne!!) who frequently drop in for a chat and browse.

I joined them three years ago, after living interstate for many years, and instantly fell in love with ‘the wardrobe’ in  all its quirky glory!!

We all take great pleasure in sourcing treasures for the shop and giving them a second (or sometimes third, fourth, fifth and so on!!) chance.

There’s real satisfaction to be found in unearthing something long forgotten or unwanted by its previous owners. The thrill of the search never dwindles and many other members of our extensive family (including Mum) now keep their eyes peeled for stock for the shop.

Amanda’s Tips

I guess the key to successful ‘thrifting’ is patience. Keep looking wherever second-hand things are on offer and sooner or later you’ll turn up a treasure. After a bit of practise your eyes will become accustomed to seeing past the rubbishy stuff and only focus on the interesting items just waiting to be refurbished or given a new funky setting.

If you don’t like getting up early on weekends, garage sales are probably not a great idea for you but op shops open later and are a great place to find a bargain. Be creative and you’ll see the potential in many items that might at first glance seem like junk.

It’s great fun and if you get tired of one of your treasures you can always ‘re-home’ it! That’s exactly what we do when our houses become too cluttered!

I saw a great hand-written sign in a book (Spaces by Frankie magazine) the other day. It read “I thrift therefore I am”!!”

Lesley, Amanda & Linda – three sisters with a passion for antiques & collectibles.

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