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Victoria Robertson

About me

I was born in Amsterdam to a Dutch father and an Australian mother. In 1985 I moved to Western Australia and in 1992 became involved with the Yallingup Steiner School in the state’s South West. First starting as a Playgroup leader, later as Japanese language teacher and supplementary Arts/Crafts teacher, I have  come full circle and am currently taking three Playgroup mornings a week.

I started making Waldorf- or Steiner dolls in 1992, after having learned the craft from Fran Rosenthal at the Perth Waldorf  School in Bibra Lake. Over the years I have changed or added  to some of the traditional designs to make them more sturdy for creative play, and have always enjoyed the process of designing new types of dolls and soft toys. Since 1994 I also give regular dollmaking- and rainbow dyeing workshops.

Waldorf dolls

A waldorf dollmaker breathes life into each creation by slowly and lovingly sewing a body for its spirit to come into. These dolls are not just stitched together; they are ‘born’. Something of the maker’s own self goes into each individual doll; therefore it would be ideal for parents to make all their own children’s dolls and toys. The next best thing is to have a doll custom-made for a particular child, and for the dollmaker to endow that doll as much as possible with the personality and colouring of the child.

Seeing that the doll is the child’s ‘alter ego’, through which he or she can express his/her deepest feelings, they are not only for girls, but for boys too! I have made many dolls for little  boys whose mothers tell me, years later,  that their son still plays with that doll and that it is his favourite toy.

These toys have a timeless quality which appeals to children and adults alike; many grown-ups  buy a doll as a present for someone, only to keep it themselves because they couldn’t bear to part with it! In the dollmaking workshops I have held there have been as many people who made a doll for themselves as for their children. There is something very healing in creating an image of a human being yourself.

I love making these dolls and toys, and hope you will love and cherish them too…. Victoria