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Imse Vimse

ImseVimse AB started it’s business on the island of Gotland in Sweden and we are still running the business from the city Visby on Gotland, but these days we have a much broader experience of international trade. With customers worldwide and selling our products to distributors, retailers and families, we were the first company in Sweden to develop certified environmentally approved cloth diapers and are continuously developing new products including swim diapers, training pants, nursing inserts and feminine products.

We make high demands on all of our suppliers and producers. Several times a year we make sure that the manufacturers are fulfilling our demands when it comes to environment, quality and conditions for the employees and to establish that there is no exploit of under age labour.

The cotton we use in our products is exclusively organically grown cotton. We constantly strive to use the most environmental friendly fabrics and we will not use anything less than Oeko-Tex 100 Standard. Our products are made of organically grown cotton and therefore the products carry the symbol Organic Cotton. The new sensation Fox Fibre that we will start to use in our new selection is part of this strive. This is cotton that is not only organically grown, but also “color grown”.

One of the company’s main business concepts is to become a model for organic thinking. Our aim is to become one of the most environmentally friendly companies in this business. Due to the same reason we cooperate with manufacturers that have ISO certifi cation when it comes to quality (ISO9001:2000) and environment (ISO 14001:1996), that have the EU fl ower mark, SKAL-certification and International Association Natural Textile Industry (IVN) certification. Our products have been awarded and internationally appreciated. Our device is that cloth diapers are easy to use, environmentally friendly and modern.

Organic Cotton

ImseVimse puts high demands on all of our suppliers and producers. The organic cotton in the assortment of ImseVimse comes from different suppliers, where all of them are controlled and certified according to Control Union Certifications, formerly known as SKAL International. This organisation has established criterions for organic production, documented in “Skal International standards for sustainable textile production”. For organic textile production Control Union Certifications has established a special symbol, EKO Sustainable Textile. This symbol is a guarantee for our fulfillment of the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) requirements.
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Organic cotton is differentiated from conventional cotton in many ways. The organic process begins already at the stage of cotton fibre. To achieve organic certification, the whole production process must be taken into account and according to established rules, concerned responsibility for the environment and social responsibility.

Certification of organic cotton is based on two principles:

1. The fibre should be natural and have to be grown in an organic way, based on the production standard (laid down in the EEC-Regulation 2092/91).

2. Second, the entire production process should be taken into account. This means that every processing step must meet certain criteria. The criteria for the production process are laid down in the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). They encompass every process-step of textile production (spinning, weaving, washing, etc) and for every step it is laid down which processing aids may (not) be used, in order to gain as much environmental profit as possible.
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EU flower
In the product range of ImseVimse there are flannelette products made of certified organic cotton. These products are also certified according to the EU flower. The EU flower is the European Union’s environmental quality mark. The EU flower is a symbol of superior environmental quality. This symbol is a guarantee of an environmental friendly product during the whole life cycle.

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Organic cotton
ImseVimse proudly presents the product range made of organic, colour grown cotton, Fox Fibre®. The cotton fibre grows natural brown and natural green. This special cotton is taken care of and there are no dyes added in the production process.
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As mentioned above the organic cotton in the assortment of ImseVimse comes from different suppliers, which all are certified by different certifying organisations (all of them approved by Control Union Certifications). ImseVimse want to bring out the value of organic cotton and have chosen to put special symbol as a feature of ImseVimse, to guarantee certified organic cotton. The products have this symbol as textile label or a printed symbol on the package paper.