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Jojoba Oil

by Sarah Wilson from Scentual Body Skincare

Jojoba is pronounced as “ho-ho-bah”. It has come to be widely called an oil but it is in fact a liquid wax from a shrub called Simmondsia chinensis. Jojoba oil has many uses when it comes to the skin.  The golden liquid wax can penetrate the lipid layer of the skin, leaving soft, dry feeling, and it slows down the loss of moisture from the skin, as well as improving its flexibility and elasticity.  Jojoba stabilises and maintains the intercellular structure of the skin, and penetrates deeply into the skin – keeping the bacteria out and allowing the skin to maintain and heal itself without having to battle the problems that are caused by poor skin health.  It mixes readily with skin sebum and dissolves dried sebum that may clog skin pores as blackheads.  Because it gives the skin better elastic properties, it is good for treating and preventing stretch marks.  Golden jojoba is also good for reducing skin inflammation and stopping the skin from flaking.  Even though it is not an oil,  jojoba is great for oily skin as it penetrates deeply and merges with the skin sebum, tricking the skin into regulating its own production of sebum.
Jojoba also helps to reduce the appearance of scars.  It can be used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, cold sores, rashes, chafing, dermatitis, eczema and rough skin.  This is because it has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.   It is also great for treating bruises.The structure of jojoba, and especially the pure golden jojoba, is perfect for use as a carrier for skin care products as it is very similar to the natural wax esters in the sebum produced by human skin.  This makes it great for the skin, nails and hair.
Scentual Body adds this wonder oil to many products, enhancing their therapeutic effects. You will find Jojoba in: Vanilla Bean and Orange Body Creme, Antioxidant Rich Face Cream, Lavender and Chamomile Body Polish & Hair Radiance Serum.
Jojoba oil is also very nourishing for your hair and scalp. Jojoba can quickly penetrate the scalp and loosen and dissolve the hardened accumulation of sebum.  It can also be used to remove any buildup of hair care products.  It is also very hydrating to the hair.  Regular massage with Hair Radiance Serum, which is high in jojoba oil, is stimulating and refreshing for both the scalp and the hair.
Scentual Body uses only Certified Organic Jojoba Oil making sure that no pesticide or toxic residue is in your skin and hair care. Pure Certified Organic Jojoba oil is available to buy from Scentual Body in 25ml ($10.95) or 100ml ($28.95)
I am currently able to stock pure oils such as Watermelon Seed (fantastic for regulating oil production for those with oily skin types) 25ml, Organic Rose Hip Oil 25ml, Organic Jojoba Oil 25ml& 100ml, Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil 25ml. Please contact me to order, or see website for full information on the qualities and benefits of these beautiful, pure oils.
*Please Note: some of this blog’s info on Jojoba Oil has been taken from as they have an abundance of information on natural beauty.
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