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French Green Argiltiz Clay

by Sarah Wilson from Scentual Body Skincare

You will find this ingredient in Scentual Body’s Dry Mask and also the Foaming Cleanser.
It is ideal for oily skin as it is the most absorbant of all the clays helping to draw out impurities and dirt. It also has the highest ionic exchange power which means that it transfers the most amount of minerals back to the skin at the same time it is drawing all the impurities out!
The clay I have chosen to use in my products is one of the purest types of green clay, coming from the South of France where their climate is exceptional for producing highly active clays. They experience above average sunny days (more than 260 days/year) which is vital because the more sun, the more active the clay. After mining, this clay is sundried so that 100% of its minerals and trace elements are retained.
Also called Montmorillonite, French Green Argilitz clay is reputed to be the best quality due to the high amount of magnesium. It also contains iron,silica, magnesium, calcium and manganese.
Even though this clay is super absorbant, it is also fantastic for those with sensitive and normal skin types as it is soothing and toning as well.
After use, your skin will feel smooth, more toned, cleansed and revitalised.
Scentual Body’s Dry mask is a very versatile product as it comes dry and you can mix it with so many different things to customise your at home facial. I have used it on clients with very congested skin where I mixed it with pineapple juice. The enzymes in the juice help to exfoliate the skin and break down impurities as well as remove dead skin cells. Couple this with the absorption and minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the Dry Mask and the skin looked amazing after only one treatment.
Got dry skin? mix the mask with a little avocado and Rose & Chamomile Hydrosol Toner.
Want to even out skin pigmentation? Mix the Dry mask with pureed strawberries to help whiten the skin and break down impurities.
The possibilites are endless! And this is with just one fantastic product!
I also advise clients to mix a bit with water and pop a tiny bit on pimples and leave over night. Wash in the morning and the pimple should be smaller and drier. The redness has usually calmed down and the clay is quite soothing.
Well that just about wraps up this months Star ingredient! Join me next month for more essential info on all the ingredients I use in my 100% natural skin care products.
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