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Tasting Platters

Most children (and adults) love tasting platters…the different tastes; textures and colour (visual appeal does make a difference!) can make for fun and healthy eating. Not to mention the element of choice. Platters can be done individually or shared with friends and family.

I’ve collated the following ideas (thank you Jayne & Jill) with my own. Not all our children are always enthusiastic eaters but we all agreed that a Tasting Platter is a great and generally successful option for ensuring children eat well. They can be made for lunch or dinners relatively fuss free, quickly and often using ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry.

Tasting Plate Ideas:


Mini frittatas

Olives (many children love olives if you introduce them early enough)

Goat’s cheese

Marinated sheep feta

Slightly blanched green beans, sugar snaps, snow peas (raw is fine also)

Marinated raw julienne veggies (Marinade: blitzed cucumber, coriander, lemon juice, olive oil. Veggies: zucchini, carrot, yellow, red & orange capsicum, celery, cucumber)

Tamari toasted almonds with pepitas, sunflower seeds & sesame seeds

Marinated & baked tofu fingers

Celery with almond spread/goats cheese

Raw carrot, cucumber and capsicum strips with avocado dip (just mashed up with lemon juice, a decent spoonful of natural yoghurt and pepper to taste)

Avocado on crackers/ dip & crackers/julienne vegetables

Boiled eggs

Tuna or salmon




Banana (chopped up with sultana or raisin eyes!)




Apricot halves



Strawberries, black berries, blue berries, rasberries

Fudge balls (blended fresh dates/& figs with almonds, cashews, macadamias, pecans etc)

The following idea is kindly provided by Jill (mother to two gorgeous boys Samuel & Thomas)

Faux Japanese Noodle Soup

Blend a whole heap of vegetables like mushrooms, spring onion, carrot, celery with garlic and lots of fresh ginger.

Add a bit of soy and squeeze of fresh lemon then boil it into a light vegetable broth. Add water as/if necessary. When it has been on a while and all amalgamated add noodles then in the last minute of cooking very thinly sliced beef (but it could be any meat or tofu).

Serve topped with diced cucumber (Jill does this as it is the only vegetable one of her boys will eat without it being disguised…which I thought was probably quite common!) and another squeeze of lemon and sesame seeds if desired.

You can add extra sliced fresh mushrooms, spring onions, chili and bean shoots for a delicious soup for all the family.

Thanks Jill!

I tried this one recently and we all agreed it was good. I don’t eat meat but it worked fine as I just kept back some of the veggie broth without any beef in it. My daughter enjoyed it, mild chili and all! Delicious!