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Rika Rouw

Largely self taught, Rika Rouw believes necessity is the mother of invention and has learned, changed or adapted as life and circumstances dictated.  In the “70’s and 80”s she created hand crafted ceramic products reflecting the optimism and “Australiana” fervor of the times.  During the 90’s Rika became more interested in self expression; her themes primarily concerned with exploring the role of women and mothers.

In more recent years, Rika has moved from personal expression to actively seeking out art projects which promote communication and identity in communities.  She is interested in the sense of place and how people identify their life experiences with a particular community, time or locality.

Rika is based in Margaret River, Western Australia but travels widely, working on art projects with and for Australian communities.

She enjoys commission work on themes that matter to people; generally women, family, friends and the environment.

If you would like to know more about Rika and/or make contact please email or visit