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Recycled Wind Chimes

Recently on a hot, sticky afternoon Tienne requested we do a craft activity. Too stuffy inside we decided to set up under the back verandah…but what to make? All seemed reasonably quiet and there was a gently breeze…perfect for something somewhat musical – we decided we’d rifle through the shed, kitchen and craft box and see if we could find some objects suitable to make a wind chime we could hang in a nearby tree…

This is what we came up with:

  • One old potato masher (to hang our jingly jangly bits and pieces from)
  • Some old fishing line to thread everything on to
  • 4 x old metal drawer handles
  • Some coloured beads to add interest and make it pretty!
  • A slightly broken metal Cortina emblem found at a collectible shop earlier
  • 4 x small stainless steel forks with interesting handles
  • A handful of large gold and silver bells

You are only limited by your imagination and what you are able to rustle up and/or collect. Old kitchen utensils make a good start, particularly if they already have a hole in the handle.

We sat under the verandah and threaded away. I needed to help knot everything to keep it in place but Tienne decided on the order of everything and did most of the threading…and of course the triumphant hanging of it in the tree at the end!

And then we lay on a blanket under the shady tree and enjoyed listening to the tinkle of our newly created wind chimes as we watched the few wispy clouds racing each other in the blue skies above. Very relaxing!