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Isabella’s Garden

Written by Glenda Millard, illustrated by Rebecca Cool

A gardens’ poetry… with all the creativity and colour that moves and ebbs throughout the seasons. From sprouting seed to apple laden tree, through winter’s bareness and back to sleeping seeds, we watch with wonder, the constant changes that take place in Isabella’s garden and the children who enjoy the green spaces they create, tend, observe and play within.

‘House that Jack Built’ style text takes readers on a cyclical journey, almost like a sing song chant rather than a typical story.  I could imagine very young children being lulled to sleep while being read this book and having magical garden adventures in their dreams. A special book for generations of ‘green’-minded families to pass on and enjoy sharing together…this is a book we will be keeping and hopefully my daughter will one day have the opportunity to enjoy with her own children.

For ages three plus although younger children & babies will probably enjoy the sing song nature of the text and it’s vivid, colourful illustrations if in a relaxed state prior to bed.

Isabella’s Garden by Glenda Millard & Rebecca Cool

Walker Books 2009

Isabella’s Secret

Written and illustrated by Jane Turner

Isabella trembled with excitement. She had always looked for fairies in the garden, and here they were!

In this magical book, Jane Tanner celebrates every child’s need for time alone, time to enjoy nature and time to dream.

My daughter absolutely loves this book with its realistic illustrations. How wonderful to be able to fly with the butterflies and fairies!

While obviously a hit with little girls I think young boys too love the ideas evoked by fairies and those other special mythical garden creatures that reside in our hearts and imagination.

Isabella’s Secret by Jane Turner

Penguin, 2006