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Fred Bisci & Heathful Living

by Jenny Kennan

Last year I had the pleasure of having Fred Bisci stay with me while he was touring Australia presenting Healthful Living seminars.

In his early 80’s, Fred has experimented on himself for the last 40 years.  He lives in New York and is a Nutritionist who has helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives.  He helped my parents make some significant changes to their lifestyle and they are now reaping the benefits and learning and understanding more every day.

He has a common sense approach and aims to meet people where they are at and emphasises it is what you leave out that will benefit you the most.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time with Fred and speak with him on the phone at regular intervals.  He is a lovely man with a huge heart.  He is a living example of the vitality and clarity of mind that is possible as we get older.

Fred has written a book, ‘Your Healthy Journey’, which I can thoroughly recommend.  It is a short and simple book that is a great place to get started and lay some solid foundations.  It is available for purchase from his website at (I will also have them available from my online shop in coming months).

More recently, he has a free e-book available on his website.  ‘Moving Beyond Your Addiction to Food – 12 Steps to Healing, Health and Longevity’.

Today I would like to offer you the opportunity to read some pearls of wisdom from Fred’s e-book.  It is available here for you to download.

Fred Bisci e-book (1.22MB)

Please read and feel free to pass on to whomever you think would be interested (Fred only asks that the book is left as-is and intact, including the copyright notice on page 2).

Fred is also available for personal health consultations through his website, as well as having plenty of free information available.

So, I will now hand you over to Fred, whose quote below is a great reminder …

‘Divine spirit, mind and body: induced, driven & expressed.  The health of the physical body is spiritually & vibrationally induced, electrically & chemically empowered, and biologically and genetically carried out’… Fred Bisci


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