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Muddy Puddles

When I saw a muddy puddle I would once have stepped around it every time…seeing muddy shoes and dirty floors…
My daughter has taught me to look at puddles in a different way and while we still often step around them we sometimes get carried away and they become…

…splishy, sploshy, squelchy fun with or without wellington boots

…the best ingredient in mud pies

…a place to build a dam

…a muddy river to cross…perhaps we’ll need to make a bridge!

…a place for a story…think crocodiles or troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff

…a place where we might find worms and other creatures (real and imaginary)

… a place where we can both be children

…& I can recall with fondness my own adventures as a child while enjoying the privlidge of taking part in my daughter’s own adventures now!

…And the fun continues with the cleaning up afterwards….more splishy, sploshy fun in a nice warm bath!

Squelch, slurp, splosh, splash, squish, squeeze, squirt…

How we love muddy puddles!!!

The Muddy Puddle

by Dennis Lee

I am sitting in the middle
Of a rather Muddy Puddle,
With my bottom full of bubbles
And my rubbers full of mud,

While my jacket and my sweater
Go on slowly getting wetter
As I very slowly settle
To the Bottom of the Mud.

And I find that what a person
With a puddle round his middle
Thinks of mostly in the muddle
Is the Muddiness of Mud.