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Dressing Up

I can be…anything I want to be! A good dose of imagination and some bits and pieces used creatively and a child becomes a butterfly, princess, super hero, fairy or dragon…anything their heart desires!

I’m a huge fan of the Steiner inspired play cloths, both the silk and muslin varieties. They are incredibly versatile not just for dressing up for all manner of play related activities (which is another upcoming article in itself!)

The fact that these cloths are almost sheer so they can be seen through and completely breathable makes them safe… as invariably young children will want to place them over their heads…we have a gorgeous short video of our daughter pretending to be a pink jellyfish when she had only just mastered walking! The cloths can be tied, twisted, folded…made into capes, skirts, tops, dresses, head bands, wings…coloured hair…they really are versatile and we literally use our set every day for various dress up play.

My daughter and I have also really enjoyed collecting various dress up’s (and what has become a dress up stand!) from our favourite local collectible shop (again…another upcoming article!) Second hand bits and pieces often make far more interesting dress ups than those you can purchase off store shelves and if necessary can be cut and adjusted to fit (if you are clever and that way inclined – personally I’m good with scissors but not so good at sewing!) And as children get older they will enjoy and get satisfaction from helping to find and create their own dress ups which they can personalise to suit their own individuality.

You can purchase silk and muslin play cloth sets from this site and I will soon be stocking mini play cloths and other silk cloths that will be available for individual purchase. Please email if you would like to be notified once these are available.  We also stock some beautiful silk butterfly wings which make for a unique and special gift for any young child over 2 years of age.

The following is text from a simple book I loved as a child and now read to my daughter. It always inspires us to dress up and let our immaginations roam free so I couldn’t resist sharing it here.

I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss (

A bird can fly.

So can I.

A cow can moo.

I can too.

I’m merrier

than a terrier


I’m a fish.

Pick pick pick

I’m a little chick.

My house is

like a mouse’s.

A clam

is what I am

Bump bump bump

I’m a camel with a hump.

Pitter pitter pat

I can walk like a cat.

Howl howl howl

I’m an old screech owl.

Gubble gubble gubble

I’m a mubble in a pubble.

I can play

I’m anything that’s anything.

That’s MY way.