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Awake/Asleep Elephant

Craft tutorial provided courtesy of Meghan Hicks,  At Home With Montessori

Your little one’s sleep is precious! Try making this cute little asleep/awake elephant to let people know when to be quiet.

I made this one with 100% wool felt which is lovely to sew with and doesn’t pill like acrylic felt does.

Start by printing out the pattern HERE.

Now put two pieces of fabric together with the wrong sides facing, pin the elephant pattern piece to both pieces of fabric and cut out (there is a 5mm seam allowance included)

Now put the pieces right side facing and pin together

Stitch around the outside about 5mm from the edge, leaving a gap along the top of his back for stuffing

Now turn him the right side out through the gap. It takes a bit of effort to get the trunk all the way through, but keep trying! Stuff him firmly and stitch the opening along his back closed – don’t worry about being too neat as this gets covered up.

Cut out a large saddle piece from your chosen colour of felt and sew two darts along the folded edge to shape the saddle, so it fits nicely along his back. You may need to adjust the darts to make a better fit for your elephant, as his shape changes depending on how firmly he is stuffed.

Pin the saddle on to the elephant’s back and blanket stitch it on, all the way round.

Cut out a smaller saddle piece in a contrasting colour and sew one dart on this one. Stitch this saddle on top of the first one using blanket stitch.

Cut out two ear pieces from the same colour as the elephant’s body

Pin the ears to the head so they are even. Stitch one edge of the wedge to the head, then bring the other edge of the wedge to line up with the first and stitch. The ears should end up like this, and should only be joined to the head by the wedge bit, so they can “flap”

Draw a large dot where you want the eyes to be, in permanent marker

Satin stitch the eyes on each side. One side has a closed sleeping eye, and the other has an open awake eye.

Cut a thin strip of felt for a tail, and stitch it on to his bottom

Knot a piece of ribbon and stitch it on to the back of the elephant’s head

Your little elephant is ready to send a message to all your visitors! Is your baby awake or asleep?

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