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Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

Pretty autumn leaves…

Autumn leaves make tiny aeroplanes

Autumn leaves make tiny aeroplanes

When the days grow cold

Autumn days are gold…

I remember singing this song (or something similar…I may have the words a bit wrong!) when I was about 5 and have recalled it and sung it with my daughter and her friend these past weeks. I do love Autumn, the changing colours of the many deciduous trees on our property and around the area, the cool, crisp mornings, lighting the fire, cooking hearty, warming meals and snuggling up with a good brew and a book each night.

We have been fortunate to have experienced day after day of sunshine and even when showers have come our way its been fun pulling on the Wellington boots and stomping around in puddles, letting our senses enjoy the greater outdoors and then tumbling inside afterwards for a long, warm soak in a deep bath. Blissful!

Autumn is a time of change; anything is possible despite the shorter days, the colder nights…a time when family is everything…a time for storytelling around the fire, bonfire nights, brisk walks and blowing ‘smoke rings’ in the early morning mist.

I have enjoyed seasonal Autumn craft activities with Tienne and her friend Annabel…collecting colourful leaves & creating an Autumn Treasure box to keep them in… making an Autumn fairy crown to wear while dancing in the garden to our own made up songs! Tienne and I have also enjoyed learning the names of the Autumn trees that live on our property, planted by a previous owner and now enjoyed greatly by us…Silver Birch, Golden Robinia, Claret Ash, Liquidambar, Chinese Fallow…names that sound almost magical, you can really imagine fairy folk living in them, catching a floaty ride on a colourful falling leaf and then playing a noisy game of hide and seek among the blanket of leaves on the ground.

I found the following while searching for some Autumn poems…and loved it for it’s beat, the use of numbers and leaf types and most of all sense of fun. Enjoy!

Autumn Leaves
by Leland B. Jacobs

1      Green leaves,
2      Yellow leaves,
3      Red leaves, and brown,
ALL   Falling,
ALL   Falling,
ALL   Blanketing the town.
4      Oak leaves,
5      Maple leaves,
6      Apple leaves, and pear,
ALL   Falling,
ALL   Whispering,
ALL   “Autumn’s in the air!”
7      Big leaves,
8      Little leaves,
9      Pointed leaves, and round,
ALL   Falling,
ALL   Nestling,
ALL   Carpeting the ground.

from: Jacobs, Leland B. 1993. Just Around the Corner: Poems about the Seasons. New York: Henry Holt.