Product Selection – How & Why

Background on how products are selected for Fishica…

All the product brands for sale within Fishica are ones I have used with my own family. A bit of a research queen, I have come across these brands often after trying numerous other brands first. They are chosen for their child & environmental friendly qualities, their durability and practicality and the integrity of the companies who produce them. I do not promote any products I am not happy to endorse myself… I clean with the cleaning products, clothe my daughter in the clothing brands, subscribe to and read the books & magazines and use the personal care products. There will be further products and brands added in the upcoming months and years; all will be products and brands I am personally happy to use myself and therefore endorse with confidence.

Nurture Nursery

For me it has always made sense to start a child’s life as natural as possible…and the products selected in my Nurture Nursery reflect this…with naturally kind organic products; seamless body suits with no tags for maximum comfort… organic bottom balm… non disposable, soft wipes…cloth nappies & wraps which are easy to use and wash up well and a small range of fabric and sustainable wood toys (for those first half a dozen months…you as parents will be your baby’s favourite toy, along with other family members… so I purposely won’t be stocking huge numbers of baby toys; although hopefully the ones I do stock you and your baby will enjoy.)

Holistically Eco

I believe that in order to be kind to my daughter and other family members & friends in my home I need to address everything holistically. This meant that to me it made little sense to clothe my baby in organic kind clothing and provide them with non toxic safe toy options, only to have them crawling on a floor cleaned with products containing toxic chemicals or nuzzling into me with my face, hair and body covered in a number of different products, all also containing potentially harmful materials…which is why it is important that I include a cleaning range & personal care items within Fishica in addition to the products that are baby and child specific.


I have a bit of a passion (addiction!) for sustainable wood toys…they are so tactile and resilient and somehow just seem to get better with use so are the perfect toys to pass on or keep for your child’s children! Even though my daughter doesn’t attend Steiner School we attended a wonderful Steiner playgroup when she was 1-3 years of age and I love the way Steiner methods seem to fire children’s imagination, encourage their creativity and love for natural play. I have incorporated many Steiner ideas into our playroom at home and you will find Steiner inspired toys and ideas regularly within Fishica’s product ranges and our STEPS online magazine.

I believe that the best toys are ones that are not only safe but can be used in a variety of ways and that can grow with a child and be adapted to suit many age groups and interests. While I am not likely to ever have the most extensive range of toys (partly by choice) my aim is to ensure that every toy I promote is of high quality and not one to be discarded due to lack of interest after a short period of time. Personally I would rather pay more for one quality toy that I feel sure will last many years and often be loved by several children than many of the cheaper, more ‘disposable’ toys on the market today.


For me children’s clothing must be practical and comfortable; it must where possible be eco-friendly and hard wearing…but while I am definitely not a slave to it, I also like clothing to look good! Fortunately these days there are some fabulous clothing brands around that tick all these requirements and I have selected a few of my favourite to stock. For more about the clothing brands I stock and information about bamboo, organic cotton and hemp please visit the page Products Promoted by Fishica. I’m also a great believer in having some great wardrobe staples…a couple of good pairs of comfortable jeans etc. You will find reasonable numbers of bamboo and organic cotton denim pieces in the months ahead – I really don’t think you can go wrong with denim for boys or girls, particularly when it is as soft and flexible as some of the eco choices are. I love it!


I hope to add more to this information in time as I have a few more product types that I would one day like to add to Fishica…a fabulous eco friendly maternity lingerie line, a small selection of eco-friendly children’s picture books, further personal care items, including products for toddlers such as our favourite natural toothpaste…it really is just the beginning…

Queries and/or Ideas

If you have any queries about any of the products selected for sale within Fishica please email me: or phone (+618) 9758 8007 and if you have products that you love yourself and think would work well alongside our current selections I’d be very happy to hear about them.

As parents and carers, by making simple choices during our children’s formative years we can provide a healthy, safe and positive environment for them as well as help nourish and preserve the world in which they will grow.