About Fishica

Fishica is a family run business founded in 2010. Like many women the world round, being pregnant for the first time really made me think about the environment in which I wanted to bring up a child; the type of materials with which my baby was going to have contact, wear and play… as natural as possible in all instances, without compromising safety and functionality!

The search began to find products that were not only environmentally friendly and kind for my baby but that really worked, were of high quality and lasted the distance. The products showcased within this website are the results of that ongoing research.  The retail side of Fishica, along with the STEPS online magazine/resource essentially forms a snap shot of my life, my beliefs and my passion for my family, friends and the world we all live in. I am happy to endorse the products I promote and hope they give you as much pleasure and comfort as they have provided my own precious family.

I have a grand plan (everyone needs a grand plan!); which I will continue to strive and work towards…This is the beginning of my journey with Fishica…a journey that I plan on enjoying as much as possible along the way…

I sincerely hope you will return to Fishica again and again to see Fishica grow and evolve…and if you have ideas of your own that you would like to see incorporated or queries about anything please shout out (or send me an email)!

Raelene Pethica

Mum & owner operator of Fishica


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Acknowledgements & Thanks

The saying no man or woman is an island is certainly true in this instance and it is important that I make mention of the following people who have helped me immeasurably on the long road to opening Fishica for business…

My husband Frank who has been of great support and whose talents in computer programming and web design have enabled me to have the site I always dreamed of but didn’t know where to begin! Thank you for your patience…I am slowly learning that just because I would like it to look a certain way and it is often possible…that doesn’t mean it is a quick and/or easy process to get there!!

My daughters Tienne and Saskia for the ongoing inspiration they provide me…and for making me realise and appreciate how very special it is to be a mother.

My parents, Ray & Shirley Fisher for their unwavering support in so many senses of the word…for their unconditional love and belief in me…Dad (my Creative Director & sometimes Proof Reader) and Mum (Therapist (!), Researcher & at some stage Manufacturer)…you really have been my rocks and I will always be grateful for all your efforts & help. For more on this talented duo please visit our Philosophy & Art page and Gardens to Inspire. You might also like to enjoy viewing www.shirleyfisher.com.au

My brother Shane and his beautiful fiancee Alicia for their youth, enthusiasm and wonderful marketing ideas…not to mention Shane’s talent behind the lens, providing help with many of my photographs… I know I will be seeking your expertise on an ongoing basis to keep me on the right track. Both Shane & Alicia have their own businesses www.shanefisher.com and www.aliciacurtis.com respectively…worth a look, they are definitely a dynamic young couple!

My sister Denise, mother to two gorgeous children, Lilli & Hamish… who is like minded to me in regard to many lifestyle choices and has helped with ideas along the way…and introduced me to Peppermint Magazine which I love and now stock! I’ve no doubt I’ll be calling on her regularly for further new ideas and inspiration.

My close girl friends…you all know who you are! For your support and ideas, your love and friendships; for which I am sincerely appreciative…You are the family I choose and as I feel extremely blessed to have my literal family that says a great deal about you!

There are others… business contacts, with whom it has been a great pleasure to deal…you will find their details in my Green Friends Directory… but I need to make a special mention of the very talented Rachel Weiler from Sprout Graphics as she has given me the branding and look and feel that I was after for Fishica…thanks Rach – I feel very lucky to have found you and look forward to continuing to work with you in future.

And finally, the lovely people who have contributed to my STEPS online magazine; Jenny Keenan, Erica Bate, Felicity Haynes, the various writers from Barefoot Magazine, Dan Depiazzi, Heather Lesley, Meimango and Suzie Fry – all your efforts are much appreciated by me and I’ve no doubt will be appreciated by our readers also.

…and I’m on my way…I hope you all enjoy Fishica too!!