Fishica, a natural choice

PLEASE NOTE that Fishica’s online store is no longer available. However, feel free to browse the many articles that can be found in our STEPS online magazine.

Fishica is in a state of metamorphous although it will maintain its eco friendly/organic stance and will continue to encourage natural, creative parenting through online articles and product reviews. We are also working on some mini events in Margaret River in the beautiful south west of Western Australia.

Please watch this space…& have a lovely day!

If you love children…our world…eco-friendly and organic products and a green way of living…or aspire to these things…then this could be a great place to browse for a while. Grab your favourite beverage of choice, relax and enjoy! And if you like what you see and read then please spread the word. This is just the start of my journey with Fishica and I hope you’ll join me in watching it grow and evolve… Best wishes…Raelene Pethica – Mum & owner operator of Fishica.

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